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Chinese Driving License,

China Driver's License, Apply for the China Driver's License for foreigners,

Chinese Driving Licnese,

China Driver License,

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Foreigners from any Country who want to drive in China must apply for a Chinese Driving License.
International Driver Permit (IDP) and Oversea Driver Licenses are not recognized by the Chinese goverment.


It is only the Chinese Driving License are valid in mainland China. Residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan also need to apply for a  Chinese Driving License to drive in mainland China.


if you hold an oversea driving license, you need to attend a paper  test and get the Chinese license in a short time, please contact us by

tel: (0086) 137 1128 9368 or 0086 20-8317 2866

or email:


You need to scan the following documents to us for application.

(1) Your passport with a China visa the latest entry stamp page in your passport ;

(2) Valid driver license from your country or other country;

(3) colour pictures

(4) your visa allows you to stay in China more than 90 days, you can choose to attend the paper test  (there is 12 languange can be  selected: Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Janpanish, Russian....) .

(5) Please  contact us for the details for this driving license service.


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  (0086)137 1128 9368  



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Driving Test Sample:


driving test

driving test

driving test